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GlobalView Releases MarketView ExcelTools 2.40

MarketView ExcelTools 2.40 includes enhanced options functionality, enhanced VBA capabilities, and performance enhancements for data retrieval speeds.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 24, 2012 - GlobalView, the leading provider of energy data management solutions, announces the release of MarketView ExcelTools 2.40, the latest update to its premier application that delivers real-time, historical, and proprietary energy market data into Excel spreadsheets.

ExcelTools 2.40 offers many new features including enhanced future options functionality, enhanced VBA programming capabilities, support for live and historical intra-day ISO data, support for UTC time zone references and a number of performance enhancements which significantly speed up historical data retrieval while decreasing the overall memory footprint to run ExcelTools.

Users will have the ability to input single option strikes into the Quote dialog and the ability to display the Greeks along with Theoretical Value and Implied Volatility. Version 2.40 also provides an ExcelTools "Pro" package which allows users to access GlobalView data via VBA and bypass the ExcelTools user interface for scripting and scheduling related tasks

MarketView ExcelTools can be used independently or in conjunction with GlobalView's front-end MarketView Desktop and BackOffice products for an enterprise-wide energy data management solution. MarketView ExcelTools' real-time interface gives users instant access to all of their energy data, greatly reducing end-of-day reporting time over those vendors who only provide historical data access. ExcelTools streams data utilizing Excel Real-Time Data (RTD) components (vs. DDE) for a fast, reliable, and robust interface.

About GlobalView GlobalView's MarketView solution aggregates mission-critical real-time, historical, and internal proprietary energy market data into a single platform for use on an enterprise-wide basis. GlobalView provides both front and back office solutions and offers one of the only SaaS-based solutions in the market, delivering unprecedented levels of portability and accessibility to customers while working in the office, at home, or on the road. With offices in Chicago, Houston, London, Calgary, Mexico City, and Singapore, GlobalView provides prompt and comprehensive support to customers around the world.