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  • MarketView FrontOffice Minimum System Configuration

    All configurations shown are minimum recommended requirements. Actual requirements may vary.

    • Processor: Pentium 2 Ghz or higher
    • RAM: 2 GB or more
    • Hard Drive: 25MB Disk Drive Space (available)
    • Web Browser: MS Internet Explorer 6 or higher
    • Java: Sun Java Runtime v1.6
  • MarketView FrontOffice Uses Java

    The MarketView FrontOffice application uses the Java platform to run on your computer. In order for it to run properly and reliably, your computer will first need to have the JavaTM Runtime Environment (JRE). With Java, there are two options for running the MarketView FrontOffice application:

    Option 1 – Using Java Web Start, which comes bundled with the Java 1.6 Run Time Plug-in, to run as a desktop application.

    Option 2 – Install the Java Runtime Plug-in and run as web browser applet.

    Choose the option that works best for you and follow the steps outlined below.

  • To Install Java Plug-in and Java Web Start

    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser (version 6 or higher) and MS Windows, the installation will be automatic the first time you run MarketView FrontOffice. All Java downloads are supplied by Sun Microsystems. If you use another web browser, we recommend that you use the Java Web Start option.

  • Firewall Configuration

    For MarketView FrontOffice users that are connecting to the Internet through their corporate network (LAN or WAN), there will likely be coordination required with their in-house technology staff. Some corporate networks may have Firewall systems in place that protect the corporate network and control the conversations that applications can have across the Internet. If the machine that will run the MarketView FrontOffice application is behind a Firewall or Proxy, then a configuration change to allow the client application to initiate a connection will probably be necessary.

    When the MarketView FrontOffice application initiates a connection to the Internet server, it initializes a Winsock TCP connection to the server by issuing an “active open” to a defined port on the server. For the client to be successful in establishing and maintaining this connection to the server, the following points are required:

    • The desired service on the server must have issued a Winsock TCP “passive open” on its assigned port. The servers are maintained by GlobalView ensuring that this “passive open” state always exists.
    • The client must be able to connect to the requested service Winsock port (on the server) via the TCP transport protocol. If the client is logically located behind a firewall, then the firewall must be configured to allow a duplex (bi-directional) conversation between the GlobalView client and server to be established.