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Recent Enhancements

MarketView Desktop 5.5

The release of MarketView® Desktop 5.5 provides the following new features and enhancements. For more information, please refer to the MarketView Desktop 5.5 Functionality Guide.  

  • Time zone control is now available for live Exchange Data. Prices are now viewable in Local Time, Exchange Time, or Coordinated Universal Time.
  • New Auto Login feature allows quick start up with fewer steps.
  • MarketView can now be launched via a desktop shortcut icon.
  • Pivot Point study is now available within MarketView.
  • Revamped MACD study now includes oscillator plot style.
  • Ability to easily duplicate components via right click menu.
  • Enhanced study on study capabilities in charting to support studies requiring multiple data point inputs.
  • Enhanced charting and scaling capabilities.

MarketView ExcelTools 2.1

The release of ExcelTools 2.1 provides the following new functionality and features.

  • Ability to work "offline" allows you to access data from your last data pull if your internet connection is unavailable.
  • Ability to convert quote data (real-time data) into other units and currencies.
  • Ability to set precision for data points globally instead of at the cell level.
  • Ability to change all currency and units of measure globally instead of at the cell level.
  • Last, Bid, Ask, and Time FID are now available for the Options window.
  • New seasonal dropdown menu for easier multi-selection of years for seasonal data pulls.
  • Ability to hide Date FID and Symbols in spreadsheet header.
  • Access to six different options for exchange rate source.

MarketView Mobile

GlobalView’s new MarketView Mobile is fully customizable and accessible via any Internet enabled phone or tablet device including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and more. Users stay connected to the energy markets with streaming information for price quotes, news stories, historical charts, and data tables in real-time with no refresh required.

  • View price quotes, news stories, and historical charts and tables all in real-time – no refresh required.
  • Access deep energy content from Platts, OPIS, Argus, CME, ICE, Dow Jones, ISOs, ICAP, Tullet Prebon, GFI, and more.
  • Access historical and proprietary data including tick, intraday, daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly data.
  • Fully customizable and auto synchs with your MarketView Desktop.
  • Built in symbol search and data navigation tree.
  • Access to both scrolling and fixed page news for services such as Dow Jones, PLATTS, OPIS, Argus, and more.
  • Quickly access commonly used components from your Favorites page.

MarketView ExcelTools

The release of ExcelTools provides the following new functionality and features.

  • Ability to input single option strikes into the Quote dialog.
  • Ability to display the Greeks along with Theoretical Value and Implied Volatility.
  • ExcelTools “Pro” package allows users to access GlobalView data via VBA and bypass ExcelTools user interface for scripting and scheduling related tasks.
  • Enhanced VBA capabilities for hourly ISO data and UTC time zone support.
  • New Min and Max selections to complement the existing Average and Standard Deviation on historical data pulls.
  • Number of performance enhancements which significantly speed up historical data retrieval while decreasing the overall memory footprint to run ExcelTools.