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MarketView Desktop 6.1 - Release Notes



  • Added a callout annotation for highlighting significant data points in charts

  • Modified Seasonal chart calendar so that seasonal charts can now span multiple years (Nov to March for example)

  • Added a new display type for fractions which can be found in the preference center for each window

  • Added the ability to double-click on a chart plot to change underlying properties for colors, plot type and underlying values (right click still works too as an FYI)

  • Added the ability to print from Quote and History components

  • Added a new statistics header for charts similar to History tables

  • Changed the default setting for the "Send to" function to use a new window rather than a new tab in existing window

  • Added the "Send to" functionality to the Options grid so that users can now right click and open charts, tables, quotes etc. directly from an Options grid

  • Added Volume and Open Interest fields to the Options Grid

  • Added the Copy command to right mouse support in the Option Grid so that users can select rows of data and copy/paste to Excel or elsewhere

  • Added a "Copy screenshot" command to right mouse support for all window tabs so that users can easily/quickly copy and paste a screenshot as shown below:

  • Added the ability to set an Alert on a bid or ask in the Alerts grid

  • Added the ability to open a chart with multiple plots in a History table via right click "Send to"

  • Added the ability to open a data table from the Curve window

  • Added line width and style to chart and study plots

  • Added some elegant visual cues to represent disconnected status or poor network connectivity

  • Added study support to History tables

  • Added a symbol tree path and a bread crumb style menu at the bottom of the symbol browser


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to certain price fields not updating appropriately for user defined formulas

  • Fixed a bug where subscriptions to Spot Futures symbol chains were failing

  • Fixed a bug where conversions from Metric Tons to Pounds weren't saving properly

  • Fixed a bug where annotations were not persisting to selected data points

  • Fixed a bug where copy functionality from a Quote page to Excel was only copying symbols. It now copies the entire data set.

  • Bug fixes and minor optimizations for symbol browser behavior when jumping directly to a branch

  • Bug fix for missing panel names in "Restore closed windows" menu