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MarketView Desktop 6.3 - Release Notes


Major New Features

  • Restructured the User Defined Formulas folder so that it contains both a Public and Private folder.

  • Added the ability to create nested folders inside of the Private portion of the newly restructured User Defined Formulas folder.

  • Added auto-print capabilities to Fixed News which allows users to auto-print on update or auto-print at a specific time.

  • Added the ability to drag and drop window tabs from one window to another and to the blank portion of the container background to create a new window.

  • Added the ability to snap to highs and lows (open and close as well) when adding chart annotations.

  • Added the ability to display prices for chart annotation anchor-points.

  • Changed the default calculation for weekly and monthly charts to a pure OHLC approach. The averaged Close approach used until now is still available as a per-tab setting in preferences dialog.

  • Added support for weekly and monthly aggregation for seasonal plots.

  • Minor Features and Improvements

  • Added a new precision setting which is located in the preferences dialog for each component.

  • Simplified the MarketScript editor to improve user workflow and added support for Public and Private User Defined Formulas.

  • Minor visual improvements to Spread and Strip windows.

  • Fit-to-width feature in Charts.

  • Printing status window.

  • Added a release notes showcase dialog for all new releases of MarketView Desktop.

  • Additional features and improvements

  • Disabled "snapping" when touching the frame edge while resizing MDI windows.

  • Complete overhaul of keyboard navigation between Tabs and Windows.

      - Better behavior when closing Tabs using keyboard shortcut.

      - Closing last Tab in a window, closes the window.

  • Performance improvements and reduction of memory footprint for workspace data.

  • Added ability to manually refresh portions of the data tree.

  • Loading indicator when opening branches in the data tree.

  • Support for non-standard time zones.

  • Added date for vertical annotation in Charts.

  • Enabled use of maximum available Internet Explorer version for the browser component.

  • Added an option to the main window's menu that allows clearing of historical data cache.

  • Fixes

  • Fixed Symbol Browser bug where it would allow navigation to regular symbol tree from the Curve tree root.

  • Fixed alternating row background coloring in Quote panel when inserting symbol chain items.

  • Correct sorting of Futures chains by expiration date rather than name.

  • Fix for issues when printing to XPS file.

  • Fixed crash when removing all years from seasonal chart.

  • PDF file downloader now uses global Proxy settings and provides user agent string.

  • New Data Releases

  • Released "The Associated Press" news feed

  • Platts Dry Freight Wire

  • Released US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Feed

  • Released "The Beef" news

  • Released "The Petrochemical Standard" news