About MarketScript

MarketScript is GlobalView's own unique scripting language that was created to write User Defined Formulas. It has been designed to write sophisticated UDF's with as few key strokes as possible. Using built in functions strips are as simple as: strip("/CL"[1/14:12/14]). The language is also very flexible so adding a currency conversion or changing the expiration date is not a problem. Create the formulas once and view them in any of GlobalView's products, even copy them to a colleagues ID so everyone can benefit from the formula you created.

New to MarketScript

With the new release of MarketScript 3.0 the language has become even more robust. One new feature available in 3.0 is parameterized formulas. This means users can essentially create thier own functions and easily apply them to any symbol. For instance you could create a net change formula and then reference that unsing any symbol.