About MarketView ExcelTools

MarketView Excel Tools allows you to import both real-time and historical energy market data into Excel spreadsheets for further individual analysis and integration. Excel Tools offers the best of data management technology with the widest breadth of real-time and historical information in the energy industry.

MarketView ExcelTools

Excel Tools is a stand-alone product that runs as an add-on to Microsoft Excel, and appears in its own unique toolbar at the top of the Excel application.

Excel Tools is designed to run in the Windows environment, and uses the Microsoft .NET API platform to provide a fast, reliable, and robust interface for streaming both real-time and historical data.


Track your positions in real-time for instruments such as crude oil, natural gas, or heating oil, or watch the term structure of the market while trading. MarketView Excel Tools’ real-time interface gives you access to all of your energy publication data as it happens, greatly reducing end-of-day reporting time over those vendors who only provide historical data access.

Real-time data is available for the exchanges to which you subscribe. Access to delayed data is also available at no charge, assuming you are subscribed to the exchange in delay mode. Please contact us to change your exchange subscription.

Historical Data

The historical data module allows you to embed deep historical market information into your spreadsheets with automated data filling methods, units and currency conversion, as well as optional chart creation.

Historical data is available on an intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. You may also customize the data using Unit and Currency conversions, along with other custom download options.


Insert a historical data table on your spreadsheet and let Excel Tools automatically format the data as a chart. Choose from numerous time series (intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, etc.) and from several chart types (bar, candlestick, volume, etc.).


Insert the forward months of an underlying futures contract and allow Excel Tools to plot a curve using the charting functionality inside Excel. Choose from numerous values (last, close, high, low etc.) and contracts to display along with several curve types (price, spread, relative).

Option Analytics

Keep up-to-date on your options values as the market moves. Choose from any combination of the five different options models available in which to perform in depth analysis. Options can be mixed and matched via the Quote dialog or can be quickly viewed by the root commodity symbol using the Option Chain dialog.


Easily plot spreads and strips in matrix-style tables for all benchmark futures, including WTI crude, Henry Hub natural gas, and other popular commodities.


Use our custom interface to design, build, and edit your own formulas, calculating anything from a simple arithmetic operation to complex ‘If-then’ functions.


Allows users to input their own information to our data stream, creating new values that are instantly available as symbols throughout our software suite. Change a value in in a spreadsheet and watch Marketview Desktop automatically update to reflect the alteration.