About MarketView Mobile

MarketView mobile is a web based appilcation accessible from any mobile device (IPhone, Androids, Blackberry, and tablets).  Just enter into your mobile browser to access your MarketView Desktop pages or create a new page on your mobile device. Set your favorite quotes page as your homepage and view realtime prices with just one click while on the go.

MarketView Desktop Pages

One convenient feature of MarketView Mobile is the ability to view your MarketView Desktop pages on your mobile device. This feature saves you the time of building new pages in Mobile, just browse through your list of pages and select which window you would like to view.


The Overview component is a great place to begin. Access all the underlying data fields for any given symbol all in one place. Not only does this component provide realtime data but it also has a 6 month chart so you can easily see how the symbol is trending.


The Quote component allows you to keep track of realtime prices on the go. Add multiple symbols across any exchange or even setup a symbol chain to view all the futures contracts. Finally apply unit and currency conversion to view the data exactly as you need it.

Charts and Table History

The Chart and History components allow you to take a look back in time at the selected symbol. Select mulitple symbols and add fields to create the table or chart you want to see. Set the time period and interval of the chart/table to view precisley the data you are interested in.


Just like in MarketView Desktop the News components allow you to view a scrolling news feed or a fixed news page. Simply select the news sources you are interested in and watch the news stories flow in realtime as they are published. Setup a headline or body filter to refine the search for news stories that impact you.