How to use

MarketView WebTools are used to display market data on your website. Customers add our script files in their website along with the appropriate tags in their code so it can be changed to view a custom table, chart or ticker. Price requests, tables, tickers and charts are all created within our scripts so users don't have to create them. Users can use their own styles or let us create styles for them. Everything is configured through tags as shown in examples below.


Authentication info

To make things more comfortable for our users we are using domain authentication. Our service will simply check the domain of the sent request and assign valid credentials for it if that domain is registered within our service. This way our users don't have to integrate any log in form on their side and all authentication is done on our service


Tag Examples

<quotes displayColumns="true" hasChart="true" symbols="/GCL,/GHO,/GNG" class="tablestyles" columns="open,close,high,low,volume" > </quotes>

<quotes symbols="/GCL" class="tablestyles" columns="open,close,high,low,volume" > </quotes>

<history symbols="/GCL,/GHO,/GNG" class="tablestyles" columns="open,close,high,low" interval="months" historyBack="4" > </history>

<news source="USDAT" > </news>

<fixednews source="USDAT" pageNumber="1000" > </fixednews>

<ticker symbols="/GCL,/GHO,/GNG" > </ticker>

<chart symbols="/GCL,/GHO" > </chart>


Make Your Own Web Tool

Use the MarketView WebTool sample builder below to customize and preview your own Quote, History, Chart, News, Fixed News and Ticker widgets to use on your website or intranet. Define your own symbols, fields, colors, and styles to create your own customized, brand-appropriate module that can be added with just a few lines of HTML. No Flash or Java installation required!


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